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Cerebro social. Perspectivas sobre neurobiología de la cognición social

Autor: VILLARROYA, Oscar; FORN I ARGIMON, Francesc (Ed.)

Editorial: Rodopi

Categoria: Cultura, identitat i diversitat



Podem aprendre a ser més altruistes? Quins mecanismes biològics s’amaguen darrere de la moral? Al llarg d’aquest manuscrit, filòsofs, neuròlegs, biòlegs, lingüistes i antropòlegs analitzen els descobriments científics més rellevants en el camp de la biologia i la neurologia implicats en el comportament social. A més, fan palpable la necessitat d’incorporar aquest nou coneixement per portar a terme una anàlisi social eficaç.


Mirera BELIL: Foreword
Francisco TOMÁS VERT: Foreword
Oscar VILARROYA, Antoni BULBENA, Joaquim COLL, and Adolf TOBEÑA: Foreword: From Dialogue to “The Social Brain” Chair
Francesc FORN I ARGIMON: Introduction
Part One: Learning Processes of Social Values
Núria SEBASTIÁN GALLÉS: Learning: A Brief Introduction from the Neurosciences
Daniel C. DENNETT: Can Unselfishness Be Taught?
Katherine NELSON: Learning from a Bio-cultural Developmental Perspective
Eric BREDO: When is Ethical Learning?
Emily A. PARKER and Lawrence W. BARSALOU: Perspectiveless Certainty in Socio-Cultural-Political Beliefs
Stevan HARNAD: Spare Me the Complements: An Immoderate Proposal for Eliminating the “We/They” Category Boundary
Part Two: The Neurobiology and/or Psychology of Moral Thought
Adolf TOBEÑA: Benumbing and Moral Exaltation in Deadly Martyrs: A View from Neuroscience
Scott ATRAN: Religion, Suicide, Terrorism, and the Moral Foundation of the World
Shaun NICHOLS: On the Psychological Diversity of Moral Insensitivity
William A. ROTTSCHAEFER: The Benumbing Moral Indifference of the Wealthy: What Does it Take to Motivate the Fulfillment of a Minimal Norm of Economic Justice?
Félix OVEJERO: Naturalistic Perspectives on Morality, Limits, and Possibilities
Antoni GOMILA: Suicide Terrorists, Neuroscience, and Morality: Taking Complexities into Account
David PREMACK: Foundations of Morality in the Infant
Part Three: Evolutionary Roots of Social Behavior
Arcadi NAVARRO: Conflict and Cooperation in Human Affairs
Sandro NANNINI: A Comment on “Conflict and Cooperation in Human Affairs” by Arcadi Navarro
F. John ODLING-SMEE: Cultural Niche Construction and Human Evolution
Camilo JOSÉ CELA CONDE, Miguel ÁNGEL CAPÓ, Marcos NADAL, and Carlos RAMOS: What Do We Know of the Social Brain?
Merlin DONALD: Evolutionary Origins of the Social Brain
Luc STEELS: Language Originated in Social Brains
Derek BICKERTON: The Ape in the Anthill
Robert GINSBERG: Human Cognition and the Recognition of Humanity
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